More Updates For Stephen King Revisited Coming Soon!

Hey Folks!

Richard has been busy juggling many different projects this year, including the publication of his huge new short story collection A Long December, but he is reading The Talisman right now and will be working on that essay soon, and Stephen King Revisited will be busier than ever in 2017 with more great essays and memories.

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Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!

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  • Adam Hall

    Happy to hear this. I’ve been missing SK Revisited a lot this past year even though I’m still on the journey myself. I’m currently 5 books ahead of Richard. Getting ready to start Misery.

  • Wanda Maynard

    This is great!! I’m looking forward to SK Revisited.

  • Maria Rose

    You are not the only re-reading Stephen King but I am glad to have a place to come and compare reactions and emotions to his stories. Most of us grew up age wise with him, facing the reality of life around us and his voice gave us a way to deal with it. I am currently revamping my collection to special quality books versions. My goal is to have all before I leave this world and possibly get one signed by him. Glad to find you Richard

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