Richard Chizmar Is Reading The Stand (1978) Right Now

Richard Chizmar was caught reading on the job again today, this time by Otis the black lab:

Richard and The Stand Richard and The Stand and Otis the black lab

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  • He’s the Wilson (Home Improvement) of SK Revisited.

  • Mark Dauck

    Currently reading Revivial. Loved the Stand. Favorite book and story type.

  • aaron

    The Stand is one of my all time faves I have read it several times in both formats. Next to IT and The Gunslinger Series this is the go to book for me.

  • Teresa

    Glad Otis is on the job:). He looks very formidable 🙂 The Stand – one of my favorites and more than a little relevant today!

  • D'Anne McNaughton

    Read The Stand 4 times, including the unabridged version twice. I always find it uplifting and encouraging in the end; somehow we will pull together, survive, and maybe even thrive. Currently in a re-read of Lisey’s Story. Which I had a hard time the first time just getting into the story. For some reason, years later now, I am having no trouble at all with it. I can tell you, that if I lost my husband of 30 years, I would hear his voice in my head constantly helping and encouraging me . . . although he’s not into bools . . .

  • I’ve been collecting Stephen Kings(Red)Library Books, and just got The Stand in the mail today. Now seeing you reading it, I’ll have to reread it too….Thanks for the GREAT IDEA!

  • Richard your photographer seems unable to capture your face! 😉

  • Barbara B

    The Stand was my first Stephen King book. I’ve got to admit it had me puzzled for a while,I finished the first chapter and started the second and tought I was reading another book! I double checked and then continued to read until everything fell into place. I thought it was fantastic and have been a fan ever since I’ve read the Stand 3 times so far.

  • Hans Curtis

    im reading all the King books in order right along with you! So i have to ask, when the option presents itself, why are you reading the shorter version when there is an uncut version available? are you going to re-read THE STAND again between THE DARK HALF and FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT ( that is when the uncut edition was published)? When i read SALEMS LOT for SK REVISITED i picked up NIGHT SHIFT and read JARUSALEMS LOT, then read SALEMS LOT, then back to NIGHT SHIFT for ONE FOR THE ROAD.

  • Martha Alvarez

    The Stand has always been one of my favorites!! I read it for the first time in the early 80’s and loved it! Now I read it every few years and never tire of it; the longer version is also great but I will take it anyway I can get it! The only problem I had when I saw the movie was that the characters in the film didn’t match the ones I already had in my head from reading the book so many times. I’ve just finished Revival, I love everything except The Dark Tower series. Write on Mr. King, I’ll never stop reading!!

  • Stewart McMillan

    I have lost count how many times I have read The Stand(both versions) and is always in my top 3 reread of a King book every year,

  • 1tressa

    “The Stand” was my first SK book. I borrowed it from my college library, figuring it was about time I checked out this King guy. I went to the cafeteria and a friend saw the book, picked it up and held it between his hands, and said that this was going to be one of the best books I will ever read. A few hours later I looked up from the book and noticed that the electronic message board was a mess. I asked my friend what had happened. He said that short storm had caused the electricity to flicker a couple of times. I looked out the window wall of the cafeteria and noticed that everything was wet. Did this storm just happen I asked. He said yes. I said, wait a minute, where was I? Right there, he said; the lights flickered, there was lightening and thunder and I was the only one who didn’t move, I just kept on heading to the Free Zone.

  • Paul

    Excellent story and a long one.

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