Richard Chizmar Reading The Shining, Contest Update, Found Photos, and Following Richard

Four quick updates today:

1) Our Stephen King Revisited contest is up and running and we’ll start picking winners THIS WEEK. Read all of the details to make sure you’re entered because this is a FREE contest and the prizes are pretty awesome.

2) Remember, you can follow Richard on Facebook and Twitter for his personal updates and other posts of interest to readers and collectors and Stephen King fans.

3) Richard Chizmar was caught reading on the job yet again today. For the record, he hit Chapter 17, The Doctor’s Office:

Richard Chizmar Reading The Shining

4) In the category of “you never know what you’ll find in an old book,” here are two photos Richard found in The Shining paperback. He has no idea where they came from:

photo in 'Salem's Lot 01photo in 'Salem's Lot 02

Finally, this would be a great time for you to join in and read along with Richard. You can order an eBook and start right now. Here are the eBook store links if you want to download a copy:
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  • I love that silver cover version of The Shining!

  • Chrissy

    ‘Salem’s Lot is the first Stephen King book I ever read my senior year in High School, I graduated in 1976, and have been hooked on King ever since. I am now a big fan of his son, Joe Hill’s work, too!

  • lol those pics are super odd…older than than the version your are reading for sure

  • There’s a creepy story in those seemingly innocent photos. I’m sure of it.


  • these photos are older than the edition of the book your reading!

  • Mark Dauck

    Salem’s Lot was the second king book right after Pet Sem… Hooked ever since.

  • Iain Hotchkies

    I’m an utter book snob and can rarely bring myself to read paperbacks. I’ve read Carrie (Kindle) – but I think when I read it for the first time in the early/mid 1980s it was part of a hardback compendium of the first three novels – and thought it was nowhere near as good on re-reading as it was in my head. I’m two thirds of the way through Salems Lot and it’s as good, if not better, than I remember it.

    I won’t be re-reading The Shining (keep wanting to call it The Shinning – a la The Simpsons) as I re-read it prior to the publication of Dr Sleep. I thought The Shining was terrific on re-reading, and I thought Doctor Sleep was pants. Really poor, to be honest. Lazy and half-arsed.

    Are we doing Night Shift? If so, I think I only ever had a paperback of that. Might need to hunt around for a hardback copy to read!

  • Janice

    What about My Pretty Pony?

  • Diane

    I read Steve – – – it’s a compulsion. His characters have followed me my entire adult life. I know where I was and what they meant to me. Through some pretty rough, uncertain times. Divorce. Remarriage. Children. Now at 57 trying to figure out what may be next and how I have to make it “my” time to live the way my heart leads. mr. King, please continue to engage us all with your vibrant characters. They are the friends I carry with me, always.

  • Kevin Murphy

    As I was reading The Shining for the first time there was a night where the book got so scary that when it was time for bed, I had to flip on the light in the hallway and then the bedroom then go all the way back to the living room to turn that light off because I didn’t want to be alone in the dark.

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