Richard Chizmar’s Stephen King Top Ten (Share Your List, Too!)

Yessss, I’m finished reading RAGE.  As a matter of fact, I’m almost finished with NIGHT SHIFT, too.  I’m just a bit behind in posting my thoughts because: a) the holidays; b) I’ve been busy writing the title novella for my next collection, A LONG DECEMBER; and c) I love the holidays and everything that comes with them, so I have been lazy.

Stephen King Revival Author PhotoIt won’t happen again, I promise.

Okay, I lied.  It will probably happen again.

Maybe even sooner than later.

Apologies in advance.

And because Brian Freeman suggested it, and because Brian Freeman is the technical brains behind this project and I have to listen to him, I am offering up my Top Ten Stephen King novels listed below (novels only, no collections, and in no particular order):

1)  IT











12)  11/22/63


(See?  I lied already.  That’s 13 picks, not 10.  And you can’t stop me!)

I’d love to hear your own Top Ten SK novels, so please post them when you get a free minute or two. I will be posting my thoughts on RAGE and NIGHT SHIFT in the next week or so. In the meantime, remember to follow me on Twitter if you do the Twitter thing.

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  • Ron Reese

    Vewy intewesting ordaw younk man!

  • Linda T-M

    I know you said — no particular order — but I loved that “It” was number one! My fave, absolute fave! Of course, I have read them all.

  • In no particular order, except for the number one spot which is taken by one of the greatest novels ever written:

    3. CARRIE
    4. CUJO
    10. RAGE

    • 1. The Talisman
      2. Carrie
      3. Christine
      4. Salems Lot
      5. The Shining
      6. It
      7. Pet Sematary
      8. The Darkhalf
      9. The Stand
      10. Cujo
      11. The Dead Zone
      12. The Tommyknockers
      13. Thinner and all Bachman novels
      Added Note: his Creepshow, Cycle of The Werewolf contributions and Eyes of The Dragon are a must mentioned, along with Kings many shorter stories and novellas…

  • Wayne C. Rogers

    I can live with that list. All of my favorites are on there except for Joyland and maybe Misery. For some reason Joyland hit me in a way few of his have during the past decade, except for possibly 11/22/63, which I consider to be one of the finest novels ever written.

  • Richard, I think you need to reconsider “The Long Walk”. I know you haven’t gotten to it on your re-read list, but I’m confident you’ll find it’s better than you remember. I was genuinely wow’d when I came back to it years later. It surely deserves to squeak in at #14 of your top 10.

    As for my own top 10, here they are in no particular order… (aka: what comes to mind first)
    1) It
    2) The Stand
    3) The Long Walk
    4) Dark Tower: Drawing of the Three
    5) Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass
    6) The Shining
    7) Revival (no, really!)
    8) The Green Mile
    9) Duma Key
    10) The Talisman
    11) Black House
    12) Bag of Bones
    13) The Dark Half
    14) The Tommyknockers
    15) Lisey’s Story

    Geez that was hard after #5 or 6!! So many choices. So many feels.

    • Marilyn Lahman

      Revival was just a boring book with no real action.

      • Matteo

        Totally agree! Most of his recent novels are boring…only exception is 11/22/63.

      • Well, to each his own I suppose. I just loved the homage to Frankenstein & Shelley herself. Loved the running commentary on the fallacies of organized religion. And while the action was definitely light, I found the slow (if obvious) build to the climax was half the fun… Jamie’s story begins under the literal shadow of Pastor Danny & symbolically never gets out from under it, very much like the narrator at the end of Poe’s “Raven”. It was a Journey, not a Destination for me. And that ending! One of the top creepiest descriptions of the afterlife ever.

  • #1 is a toss up for me, between The Gunslinger (first in series) And It. The other 9 include the rest of the Dark Tower series in no particular order and The Stand. The Stand And the Dark Tower Series are some of the very few( and I read voraciously!) books that make me cry. Bag of Bones is very good, as is 11/22/63. I have heartily enjoyed ALL of his writings, and hope to keep reading him in future. Just finished Revival and enjoyed it tremendously!

  • Also in no particular order …

    1. IT
    2. Misery
    3. Pet Sematary
    4. Eyes of the Dragon
    5. The Shining
    6. 11/22/63
    7. The Stand
    8. Needful Things
    9. Dolores Claiborne
    10. Dreamcatcher

    Ask me tomorrow and you might get a slightly different list, but not by much.

  • Fletcher

    1. The Tommyknockers
    2. Sales lot
    3. Carrie
    4. The Shining
    5. The Stand
    6. It
    7. Gerald Game
    8. Duma Key
    9. Cujo
    10. Pet Sematary

  • Ron Reese

    In NO order : ‘salems lot, the shining , pet sematary,christine,duma key ,It, doctor sleep,the stand, 11/22/63,
    dolores claiborne

  • Hard to resist the lure of a top-ten list:

    (01) It
    (02) The Dead Zone
    (03) The Gunslinger (preferably the original version)
    (04) The Shining
    (05) The Waste Lands
    (06) The Drawing of the Three
    (07) Wizard and Glass
    (08) 11/22/63
    (09) The Long Walk
    (10) The Green Mile

    I feel bad for not being able to find room for Duma Key. And Carrie. And Pet Sematary. And The Stand. And Misery. And Salem’s Lot.

    And…well, I guess I’ve got to stop somewhere.

  • It would be like picking out your favorite child. They’re all up there, each in it’s own special way.

  • Wanda Maynard

    Here are my top ten SK books. Even though some of them are on that list you gave.
    1. Deloris Claiborne
    2. The Green Mile
    3. The Tommyknockers
    4. 11/22/63
    5. Pet Sematary
    6. Night Shift
    7. Needful Things
    8. The Shining
    9. Storm of the Century
    10. Under The Dome

  • Lyn Stapleton

    Hmmm, that’s a thought provoking challenge: I love all of SK’s books, but my top ten would have to be:

    01) The Stand
    02) Salem’s Lot
    03) The Shining
    04) Dr Sleep
    05) Carrie
    06) It
    07) The Green Mile
    08) Mr Mercedes
    09) Revival
    10) The Dark Tower Series

    I realise the DT series is more than one book, but I cannot pick just one from the series.

  • Adam Hall

    My top 10 SK books are thus:
    1. The Dark Tower
    2. The Stand
    3. The Talisman
    4. Misery
    5. Bag of Bones
    6. The Green Mile
    7. It
    8. Salem’s Lot
    9. The Shining
    10. The Dead Zone

  • My favorites in order are 1. The Stand, 2. The Dark Tower series, 3. It, 4. Doctor Sleep, 5. Thinner, 6. Desperation, 7. The Cell, 8. 11.22.63. 9. Carrie, 10T Under the Dome, 10T Duma Key, 10T Firestarter.

  • Jan R

    top 10 picks.
    1. The Stand… far and away my favorite!
    the rest in no particular order
    Needful things
    The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
    Bag of Bones
    Duma Key

  • Jan R

    YIKES I don’t know HOW I left out the Regulators. LOVED that book!

  • Gary Woodard ( your forever friend )

    Ok, Rich, you got this all turned around. In no particular order, Gerald’s Game, Misery, It, Cujo, Christine, Needful Things, Bag of Bones, Tommyknockers, Pet Sematary and Different Seasons. Don’t make me have to tell you again!

  • Kent S

    okay Richard. Thanks for the list. we have now eliminated 17 books you have read. Narrows the contest choices

  • David M.

    1. The Stand
    2. The Dead Zone
    3. The Shining
    4. Pet Sematary
    5. Christine
    6. Firestarter
    7. 11/22/63
    8. Rage
    9. The Talisman
    0. Revival

  • Wolves of the Calla, Drawing of the 3, From a Buick 8. Desperation & Regulators, Talisman & Black House, Misery, Salem’s Lot, The Shining, The Gunslinger, Different Seasons, to name a few. Thanks for your top 13! I will scratch them off my Guess List. lol

  • John Fahey

    1. The Stand
    2. Wizard and Glass
    3. It
    4. Roadwork
    5. The Shining
    6. Duma Key
    7. Desperation
    8. Insomnia
    9. Drawing of the Three
    10. The Talisman
    and since Richard did it….
    11. Dead Zone
    12. Firestarter
    13. Pet Sematary

    Even though I cheated, it is amazing how many great books didn’t make my list.

    • Colleen

      I have the same top 3 (different order though. Switch IT and The Stand and you’ve got it). Glad I’m not the only one who loved Wizard and Glass…it’s my favorite in the series.

  • Chumsmom

    SO Hard to pick.. 1. Pet Sementary (just pure perfection, it’s views on parenting are truth) 2. The Stand 3. The Shining 4. The Dark Tower the original (the end blew my mind) 5. On Writing ( I know a documentary but I use this critique when I read and it turned me on to Harry Potter) and in no particular order 6. It 7. Dr. Sleep 8. Carrie (because it started it all) 9. Hearts in Atlantis 10 DreamCatcher

  • Dwayne

    My SK top 10 in no particular order

    IT – I was definitely a Loser!
    Bag of Bones
    Hearts in Atlantis
    Different Seasons
    The Stand
    Firestarter – this one hooked me forever!
    The Talisman
    Pet Sematary – Scared the Hell out of Me!

  • I’ve read so many since I grew up on SK but still have quite a few to tackle, including this past year’s latest entries. So as of today, here goes (novels only):

    1. Cujo
    2. Carrie
    3. It
    4. The Shining
    5. ‘Salem’s Lot
    6. 11/22/63
    7. Pet Semetary
    8. Christine
    9. The Dead Zone
    10. The Tommyknockers

  • It – it’s simply the best coming of age story ever told
    The Stand – Post-apocalyptic masterpiece and cautionary tale of Good vs. Evil
    The Talisman – I still want to be Travelin’ Jack
    Running Man – Incredible story that was an awful movie in spite of including Richard Dawson
    The Shining – No American ghost story can compare and a very real destruction of a family
    11/22/63 – Aside from the doorway into another world in the diner, the rest is very plausible SciFi
    Different Seasons – Rita Hayworth and The Body. Two fantastic movie adaptions that no one knew S. King wrote until the credits.
    The Green Mile – Read the first installment on my engagement weekend to my wife. How could anyone let John Coffey be killed?
    Joyland – Another coming of age story wrapped inside a mystery. I would have liked to have worked at Joyland just one summer.
    Dr. Sleep – The first in what I hope will be S. King’s revisitation to some of my favorite characters. Next, what are Stu and Frannie doing in Boulder these days?

    Richard, thanks for the inspiration to walk down memory lane. Now back to page 150 of Revival.

  • LadyD

    Just ten? Honestly, I can’t limit my list like that. And some of the collections – well, let’s just say they deserve to be counted too… so those will appear at the end of my list.

    1 Duma Key (far and away, has to be my number one pick, because Duma Key sneaks up on you from behind… it’s best read with the lights on.) Others in no particular order – because it changes every day… numbers are for tracking purposes only…
    2. The Stand (expanded version)
    3. Needful Things
    4. It
    5. The Talisman
    6. The Shining
    7. Cujo
    8. Misery
    9. The Green Mile
    10. Black House
    (and because I’m not alone here)
    11. The Dark Half
    12.The Tommyknockers
    13. The Dark Tower series… I still have two to go, but have loved all the ones I’ve read, including The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole; cannot pick one over the others…
    14.4 Past Midnight
    15. Skeleton Crew (probably my first Stephen King book that I read, but most certainly not the last.)
    16. Night Shift

  • Peter Block

    Fought with myself for an hour and this was the result:

    SALEMS LOT – you never forget your first SK book, or your first Glick.

    THE SHINING – my house, though much smaller, seemed to enlarge when I was alone in it: the basement was room 217, and the shadows could’ve been little girls….or worse.

    11/22/63 – wow: historical fiction, suspense and maybe SK’s most emotional love story (with apologies to Lisey’s Story).

    IT – Pennywise may be his scariest creation; and since I couldn’t pick the Body boys, I choose these.

    CHRISTINE – everything I was thinking about being the teenager I was then.

    JOYLAND – it’s The Summer Of ’42 meets my first heartbreak on the North Carolina coast; it will surprise (and move) you.

    NEEDFUL THINGS – so wickedly funny, and scary.

    PET SEMATARY what wouldn’t a father do? Ok, on second thought….

    DRAWING OF THE THREE – the best of the series; and one of the best of all.

    MISERY – as I was reading, I wondered if that’s what SK thought of me, a constant reader; tied with The Stand, Duma Key, The Green Mile, Firestarter and special mention to Anthologies (“…they taste just like lady-fingers”) and On Writing which are scary good in their own “write”.

  • studiorose

    All good lists; did we all choose The Stand? Hands down that’s my favorite (the uncut version); second would be The Talisman. Third and on would be the entire Dark Tower series, though I also have a soft spot for Eyes of the Dragon.

  • thumper099

    It’s *OLD* school and *NEW* school. IT/LOT/SHINING/STAND/Talism/Buick8…. Take a pick. Anywhere on that list. …*MID* is weak…Joyland/11/ really good recent to bring back. … Insomnia my fav,… reason….

  • Natalie

    Here is my list:

    1. The Dark Tower Series (yea I know whole series , but I don’t care it is my list so nah-nah.)
    2. The Stand
    3. IT
    4. ‘Salem’s Lot
    5. Hearts In Atlantis (especially Low Men In Yellow Coats)
    6. The Dead Zone
    7. From A Buick 8
    8. Lisey’s Story
    9. Christine
    10. Misery
    11. Pet Semetery

    • Natalie

      Oh crap I forgot The Shining and Dr. Sleep. I also love Mr. Mercedes and Revival, but they are too new to go on a favorite list.

  • Marilyn Lahman

    No Carrie?

  • Jeffrey Reynolds

    My top 10 favorite SK novels ( in no particular order)

    – The Shining
    – The Stand
    – The Dark Tower series ( didn’t want it to end!)
    – Pet Semetary
    – It
    – 11/22/63
    – The Talisman/Black House
    – Misery
    – Needful Things
    – Under The Dome

  • Bob Ireland

    My top Ten in no particular order are:

    The Stand
    The Green Mile
    Bag of Bones
    The Shining
    Duma Key
    The Dark Tower Three The Wastelands
    Salems Lot
    The Talisman

  • Brian Kelly

    Wow sohard to choose
    Salems lot
    Dr Sleep
    Under the dome
    Dark tower series (one continous novel!!)
    Dolores claibourne
    The stand
    Blaze…yes loved it!!! Especially the audio version
    The Kennedy time machine one!
    The running man
    Life’s story
    The dark half
    Pet cemetery
    The shining
    Couldn’t nail it down to just ten..

  • Drew Cisek

    Hello, my top ten Stephen King books are:
    1. It
    2. The Dark Tower series
    3. Desperation
    4. Insomnia
    5. The Stand
    6. Lisey’s Story
    7. The Talisman
    8. Duma Key
    9. The Regulators
    10. The Long Walk

    Thanks for all of your great books Stephen!!!

  • Top Ten (including collections)

    1 – The Stand
    2 – The Dead Zone
    3 – Salem’s Lot
    4 – Different Seasons
    5 – Misery
    6 – The Shining
    7 – Joyland
    8 – Cell
    9 – Hearts in Atlantis
    10 – Night Shift

  • Rusty Peterson

    Since SK himself has said that the Dark Tower series is really one long novel, I don’t feel there’s any problem including the whole series as one entry, so with that in mind, here’s my list, pretty much in order:

    1) The Dark Tower
    2) The Talisman
    3) The Long Walk
    4) IT
    5) The Shining
    6) Insomnia
    7) Misery
    8) Rose Madder
    9) Firestarter
    10) The Regulators

  • Marsha

    I can’t choose a top ten. Can I just say ‘all of the above’? 🙂 I do have a soft spot for The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

    • I have a soft spot for The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon too…I read it only a few years ago for the first time and I still think about it from time to time. It’s definitely a good one!

  • KatheeBee

    Neither can I choose…there are just too many good one…….my soft spot is for The Green mile………

  • beambounder19

    My present Top 10 Stephen King Novels are:1: The Stand (preferably The Uncut/Less Edited Edition)
    2: Duma Key
    3: It
    4:The Shining
    6:The Green Mile
    7:The Drawing of The Three
    10:The Wolves of The Calla

  • Dennis

    1) It
    2) 11-22-63
    3) The Stand
    4) Pet Sematary
    5) Doctor Sleep
    6) Gerald’s Game
    7) The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
    8) ‘Salems Lot
    9) Under The Dome
    10) Needful Things

  • Dennis

    P.S. — High Honorable Mention to “Cell.” It just didn’t come off as well as anticipated, even though the sentiment of blowing up the head of all cell phone users is truly worthy and appreciated.

  • My list (for today at least):

    The Long Walk
    Pet Sematary
    The Body
    ‘Salem’s Lot
    Bag of Bones
    The Shining
    The Mist

  • Gary ehn

    Top Ten is easy, how about Bottom Three. The ones you read once and said … I expected more.

    Liseys’ Story

    Duma Key

    Rose Madder

  • blugilliand

    In no particular order:

    Bag of Bones
    The Dark Tower Series (They’re one huge novel to me…but if I had to pick just one, it would be Wizard and Glass)
    Pet Sematary
    Skeleton Crew
    The Shining
    The Green Mile
    On Writing

    I think my own, on-going reread of all of his books will likely bump Duma Key and Lisey’s Story into this list – maybe Joyland as well – although I have no idea what would move down….

  • Dave

    TOP SHELF KING (alphabetical order, after #1)

    #1 The Stand

    Black House
    Danse Macabre
    Dead Zone, The
    Different Seasons
    Duma Key
    Night Shift
    On Writing
    ‘Salem’s Lot
    Shining, The
    Waste Lands, The
    Wizard & Glass

  • ~ Dawn

    Its hard to pick 10 favorites when you love them all but here it goes..

    The Stand
    Salem’s Lot
    Pet Semetary
    The Talisman
    Duma Key

    Ask me again & my list might change!

  • Max Hunt

    Well, it’s funny that the post above mine from blugilliand is positioned so. I was reading all the lists and I have to echo what he said.

    My number 1 is The Dark Tower “Octology”. I too, consider it one, “Tolstoyesue” novel. I sat on Blaine the Train for so many years wondering what was going to happen and then SK had the horrible accident and he picked it back up with Wizard and Glass. It’s just a classic story that will undoubtedly be considered one of the greatest works of this era. I can see college students readiing, learning and debating meanings in a U. of Maine class in the year 2215 like they do with Shakespear, Dickens, Tolstoy and other greats today. Talk about a legacy!

    I’m not going to do 10 but The Stand would have to be second. 11/22/63 jumped directly into my top 5 as soon as I closed it (and wiped my eyes…must have been a piece of dirt!). I’m jazzed to see Pet Semetery in so many lists. Definitely a top 5 and I get funny looks when I tell people that. I wonder if they only saw the movie….? You have to walk over that brushpile at night with something dead in your arms while you hear otherworldly sounds and see glowing eyes to truly get the gist of that story!! Chilling…

    Regardless of ranking, I can honestly say I haven’t read one I didn’t like.

    • Max Hunt

      While I was writing my post, it’s obvious a couple of other folks were writing faster! Also, my made up word to describe The Dark Tower was meant to be “Tolstoyesque”.

  • Misty

    Actually, Richard I think you lied twice. You said no collections, but Hearts in Atlantis is a collection.

    Here’s my top 10 (in order)

    The Stand
    The Dark Tower Series (the whole collection as one)
    The Green Mile
    Pet Sematary
    The Talisman
    Insomnia (Yes, I know I’m the only one on the planet that will include this in the top 10, but I loved it)
    Under the Dome
    The Tommyknockers

  • Tim Farley

    Salem’s Lot
    The Stand
    The Shining
    Danse Macabre
    Eyes of the Dragon
    The Gree Mile
    Needful Things

  • Tim Farley

    Green,not Gree. My N must be broke. Great short story by Stephen by the way!(“N”, that is)

    • Max Hunt

      Agreed, great book (I read it serially and THAT was cool!). Also a great movie. How many know that The Shawshank Redemption is the #1 movie on’s Top 250? Check it out…also, The Green Mile is at #43 and The Shining is at #58. Not too long ago, they were all in the top 50 but the last two have been pushed down a bit recently. Not too shabby for “just a horror writer”!

  • Alain Robillard

    1) IT

    2) THE STAND

    3) 11/22/63

    4) THE DARK TOWER (as a whole)






    10) CUJO (because it was my first…)

  • My list, in order, is a follows:

    1. Bag of Bones
    2. Dolores Claiborne
    3. IT
    4. Misery
    5. Pet Semetary
    6. The Stand
    7. Salem’s Lot
    8. Carrie
    9. Cujo
    10. Firestarter

  • Here it goes for me…

    IT doesn’t count, because, for me, IT i’s simply the best.

    So. top ten, chronological order:


    In my opinion, the writer’s Bible ON WRITING, is a yearly mandatory re-read. I wish there was a church where we could chant: “Read, read, read widely…” every Sunday!

  • Vicki Liebowitz

    I too had a hard time limiting it to 10 –
    The Stand
    The Dead Zone
    The Green Mile
    ‘Salem’s Lot
    The Dark Tower – entire series

    This list is NOT in order

  • Another not in order post – mainly because it changes from day to day.

    The Stand
    Dead Zone
    The Drawing Of The Three
    The Shining
    Salem’s Lot
    Pet Sematary – damn this book is dark. The blip when Louis pulls the cotton from Gage’s mouth in the cemetery – gives me chills every time!
    Bag Of Bones
    The Long Walk * – an overlooked gem.
    The Green Mile

    Honourable mention has to go to – On Writing – it’s not a novel otherwise it would at the top of my list.

    Notable absence from the top ten – IT – a great book but for me it’s always hobbled because the characters don’t remember what happened.

  • Lanny McKay

    Your list of the top 13 is great. My list is similar–although number 1 is The Stand, and number 2 is The Shining. 3 is The Dead Zone.

  • Vincent Pall

    If anyone cares, my list is as follows:

    1. The Stand (the original, not the bloated version)
    2. It
    3. The Dark Tower series
    4. Pet Sematary
    5. The Shining
    6. ‘Salem’s Lot
    7. Christine
    8. Under the Dome
    9. From a Buick 8
    10. Bag of Bones

    Story collections: Different Seasons
    With co-author: The Talisman

  • Wim Van Overmeire

    1 The Dark Tower series (I can’t pick a specific book as they’re one big story anyway)
    2 The Stand
    3 It
    4 The Green Mile
    5 Lisey’s Story
    6 The Shining
    7 Desperation
    8 Carrie
    9 The Talisman
    10 Duma Key

    favorite short story/novella: The Body
    favorite story collection: Different Seasons

  • John M Davidson

    I love the Dark Tower series but the # 12) 11/22/63 is the BEST!!!

  • John M.D.

    My top ten…
    1. 11/22/63
    2.The Dark Tower series.
    3.Doctor Sleep.
    4.The Eyes of the Dragon.
    5.Gerald’s Game.
    6.The Regulators.
    7.The Green Mile.
    8.Mr. Mercedes.
    9. Revival.
    10. Insomnia.

  • Stewart McMillan

    My Top Ten

    1. The Dark Tower Series
    2. It
    3. Salem’s Lot
    4. The Dead Zone
    5. The Stand
    6. Christine
    7. The Shining
    8. The Long Walk
    9. Misery.
    10. Pet Sematary

  • I love that so many of you posted your own lists — thank you!

  • Books on my Honorable Mention list include: THE LONG WALK (hard to believe he wrote it at such a young age ), MISERY (so hard to leave off my top list ), INSOMNIA (I know I’m in the minority here, but I loved it ), JOYLAND (such a cool , sentimental story), and REVIVAL (a LOT happens in this book, right below the surface).

  • Bottythepanda

    My actual list. Havent read all novels yet. Top 11 with collections, because i love the shorties just too much *__*

    1) The Running Man
    2) Liseys Story
    3) The Dark Tower Series
    4) Salems Lot
    5) Skeleton Crew
    6) 11/22/63
    7) IT
    8) Night Shift
    9) Stark – The Dark Half
    10) The Long Walk
    11) Shining

    9998) Thinner
    9999) Cell

  • Kurben

    1. IT (no question)
    2. The Stand
    3. 11/22/63
    4. Salem’s Lot
    5. Pet Sematary
    6. Misery
    7. The Green Mile
    8. Revival
    9. The Shining
    10. Dark Tower Series
    11. The Girl who loved Tom Gordon
    12. Lisey’s Story
    13. Dolores Claiborne

  • Richard – This is a great list! IT, THE SHINING, THE DEAD ZONE, THE STAND, HEARTS IN ATLANTIS, THE GREEN MILE and THE LONG WALK are definitely in my top tier. When I first read CHRISTINE as a teenager, it was at the top of my list… but I was under-whelmed when I re-read it a few years ago. Also, I have read JOYLAND twice, and it definitely has a place in my top ten. FROM A BUICK 8 and INSOMNIA are two of King’s most intriguing books, but they don’t quite work for me. I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say about them. Have Brian Freeman and Bev Vincent created top ten lists??

    • I have not. I don’t do top X lists, I’m afraid. My mind doesn’t work that way. I can’t rank things in order or pick favorites. Is this number 6 or 7? It would take me years!

  • 1 The Stand – Complete Uncut
    2 The Shining
    3 Pet Semetary
    4 Desperation
    5 The Regulators – Bachman – #4&5 are def’ly in my TOP FIVE, but it’s not easy!
    6 The Dead Zone
    7 Needless Things
    8 The Dark Tower Series – Roland Jake Oy Eddie Susannah Blaine – all things serve the Beam so all are one!
    9 Cujo
    10 Firestarter
    11 On Writing – his side of the story
    12 Different Seasons – namely “The Shawshank Redemption”
    13 The Green Mile series of little books

    A lot has to do with when you read them! I associate times in my life with each of his books.

  • Needless Things (lol) should be Needful Things. Can you tell I’m working on Discarding as my New Year’s Resulution? Freudian slip.

  • In no particular order, except for #1 because it just is…

    1. Eyes of the Dragon
    2. It
    3. The Stand
    4. 11/22/63
    5. Hearts in Atlantis
    6. Pet Semetary (my first SK read at age 13)
    7. Drawing of the Three
    8. Wizards and Glass
    9. The Green Mile
    10. Misery

  • I like the idea of a Top 13 Stephen King books. It’s fitting. Here’s mine:

    (Only the first three are in order. After that it’s just too hard)

    1. The Stand
    2. It
    3. Bag of Bones
    4. 11/22/63
    5. The Shining
    6. Needful Things
    7. Duma Key
    8. The Dead Zone
    9. Desperation
    10. Dolores Claiborne
    11. The Eyes of the Dragon
    12. The Green Mile
    13. The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

  • Thomas McGee

    I’m going to cheat and put the entire Dark Tower series as number 1. Cumulatively they are the greatest story ever written IMO and if I were forced to choose one over the others it would be the wolves of the calla, my single favorite book ever.
    2. The Stand, the next greatest book after the Dark Tower series.
    3. It
    4. The Shining, scariest book I ever read, still bothers me.
    5. Salem’s Lot
    6. The Long Walk
    7. Insomnia
    8. 11/22/63
    9. Misery
    10. Needful Things
    11. The Dead Zone
    12. Eyes of the Dragon
    13. The Green Mile

    Honorable mention goes to Firestarter, which is the first King book I read.

    • Brenda Moon

      I came to this party about three weeks late but wanted to join in the reading. I thought I might could catch up and read along. I revisit SK’s novels frequently and in chronological order but this would be the first time I had done it with other Constant Readers. So, early this morning, about 3 am, I finished “The Talisman” and started “Thinner.” Am I the only one still playing?

  • Joanie S

    No particular order…
    Dolores Clairborne (loved that it was one chapter long!)
    11/22/63 (best new book he’s written in a long time)
    Drawing of the Three (favorite book in a favorite series)
    The Shining (still the scariest book I’ve ever read)
    The Stand -uncut version
    Hearts in Atlantis
    Gerald’s Game (so scary because this could happen to anyone)
    Needful Things
    The Body and/or Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption (both books so good, and surprises people that they are written by SK

  • Ricco

    Well here’s my top ten list
    1 It
    2 The Dark Tower(the whole series)
    3 Pet Sematary
    4 Thinner
    5 Different Seasons
    6 Dolores Claiborne
    7 11.22.63
    8 Bag of Bones
    9 Insomnia
    10 Christine & The Long Walk

  • 1. The entire Dark Tower series.
    2. IT
    3. Lisey’s Story
    4. Just after Sunset
    5. Skeleton Crew
    6. Everything’s Eventual
    7. Night Shift
    8. Duma Key
    9. Misery
    10. Rose Madder

  • Niel Mukherjee

    1. Dark Tower series
    2. It
    3. Green Mile
    4. Pet Sematary
    5. The Stand
    6. Salem’s Lot
    7. 11/22/63
    8. The Shining
    9. Thinner
    10. Firestarter

  • DeLani

    Mine in no particular order:
    The Shining
    Night Shift
    Full Dark No Stars
    Pet Sematery
    Dead Zone
    Skeleton Crew
    Dolores Claiborne

  • Jonathan Balog

    1) IT

    2) The Stand

    3) The Eyes of the Dragon

    4) The Gunslinger

    5) The Waste Lands

    6) Night Shift

    7) Cycle of the Werewolf

    8) The Shining

    9) Insomnia

    10) The Green Mile

  • Ok, I haven’t read them all (only about 50 of them 😉

    1: The Stand
    2: The Shinning
    3: ‘Salem’s Lot
    4: The Gunslinger
    5: Firestarter
    6: The Dead Zone
    7: Different Seasons
    8: Misery
    9: Talisman
    10: Pet Sematary

    honorable mentions to: Chrstine, It, The waste lands, Bag of Bones.

    Although I am only half way through Under the dome, and haven’t read any of the later novels (except joyland). I have read all his previous fiction. Seems telling that of my top 10 and honorable mentions, on one book was written in the last 25 years or so.

    Should also mention that The Stand isn’t just my favorite SK book, but my favorite book period.

  • Jamie Fairchild

    Good list, most of yours are on mine as well.
    1) IT
    2) Pet Sematary
    3) Salem’s Lot
    4) 11/22/63
    5) The Dead Zone
    6) Needful Things
    7) The Stand
    8) Cujo
    9) Carrie
    10) The Dark Tower (I’m counting all 7 books as
    One Epic Tale)

  • Phillip Frangules

    1. It
    2. The Shining
    3. Hearts in Atlantis
    4. Insomnia
    5. Black House
    6. Eyes of the Dragon
    7. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
    8. The Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla
    9. The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three
    10. The Dark Tower: The Waste Lands

  • 1. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
    2. ‘Salem’s Lot
    3. The Stand
    4. The Green Mile
    5. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
    6. The Shining
    7. Carrie
    8. Different Seasons
    9. The Long Walk
    10. The Dead Zone
    11. The Tommyknockers
    12. The Waste Lands
    13. Mile 81

  • Bryan Robinson

    1. IT
    2. Pet Sematary
    3. The Dark Tower Series
    4. The Talisman
    5. The Stand
    6. Misery
    7.The Green Mile
    8 Insomnia
    9. Duma Key
    10. Thinner

  • Jill Carver

    I love all King books except “Revival.” I was so disappointed!

    My top 10.

    1. The Stand
    2. The Shining and Dr Sleep (read together)
    3. The Talisman and Black House (again together)
    4. The Dark Tower (series)
    5. Pet Sematary
    6. 11/22/63
    7. Salem’s Lot
    8. Desperation
    9. Firestarter
    10. Cujo

    (It, Lisey’s Story, and on and on,,,)

  • Wow! This is so very hard to list just 10! But OK I’m willing to give it a shot……so here goes (In no particular order!)

    1. Salem’s Lot
    2. IT
    3. Pet Sematary…….or is it Semetery?
    4. Misery
    5. Dolores Claybourne
    6. Needful Things
    7. The Stand
    8. The Dead Zone
    9. The Mist
    10. Carrie

    The Bachman Books (all)…..Night-Shift….Hearts in Atlantis….Bag of Bones….Dream Catcher….etc, etc, etc! Oh my my my…..there are way too many to pick just ten……:-(

  • I love lists. When compiling this, I tried to recall how each book affected me at the time when I read it and then factored in how much I still think of them.

    1. ‘Salem’s Lot
    2. The Stand
    3. Bag of Bones
    4. The Talisman
    5. 11/22/63
    6. The Green Mile
    7. Hearts in Atlantis (I don’t consider this to be a compilation, they are all parts of one)
    8. DT: The Drawing of the Three
    9. DT: Song of Susannah
    10. Insomnia

  • Very difficult to come up with 10. In order written, not preference (novels only):

    1. ‘Salem’s Lot
    2. The Stand
    3. The Dead Zone
    4. Christine
    5. Pet Sematary
    6. The Eyes of the Dragon
    7. The Green Mile
    8. Hearts in Atlantis
    9. 11/22/63
    10. Joyland

    Honorable Mention: IT and The Talisman

  • I won’t even attempt to rank these. But these are pretty solidly my top 10:

    Salem’s Lot
    The Stand
    The Dead Zone
    The Talisman
    The Eyes of the Dragon
    The Green Mile
    Night Shift

  • Pretty much in order:

    1. Salem’s Lot
    2. It
    3. On Writing
    4. The Shining
    5. The Stand
    6. Joyland
    7. The Mist
    8. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
    9. Dr Sleep
    10. From A Buick 8

  • Marsha

    1. Lisey’s story
    2. The long walk
    3. From a Buick 8
    4. Rose Madder
    5. Gerald’s Game
    7. It
    8. Tommyknockers
    9. Dreamcatcher
    10. Christine

  • Bob

    As with others, this is in no particular order:

    1-The Stand
    3-Doloris Clayborn
    5-The Green Mile
    8-The Dead Zone
    9-Bag of Bones
    10-The Dark Tower Series (yes, I know this one’s a cheat because it’s several books but they are in the long run an inescapeable part of most of his works)

    It was difficult to not include some of his short story and novella collections as I’ve loved a number of them too; perhaps another list.

    Looking at some other people’s choices I was taken aback at how many of his novels I have yet to read…well not really a lot but… The only one I won’t most likely tackle is Pet Sematary; I’ve been told by EVERYONE who has read it that you will never feel the same about your pet after reading it, and I love my dog too dearly to have creepy feelings come between us.

  • Bob

    Oops, forgot to include Dreamcatcher. Well I guess it has to be 11

  • Mandy Mae

    I never have the time to read SK novels really, maybe 1 or 2 of the individual stories in collections. So, I haven’t even read half of them, maybe just over the requested 10. That said, I’ll work it out as I make my absolute favorites list.

    1. The Stand (movie first though, but the book filled everything in nicely. Also, my favorite movie of all time.)
    2. The Green Mile (Kind of a “collection” of sorts, and watched a tiny bit of the movie prior to reading, but the book is what interested me in watching the rest of the movie)
    3. Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption
    4. Christine (again, movie first. It scared the daylights out of me as a 3 year old. My mom wanted to prevent me from being the girly shrieker at the theater, so she started me watching horror when I was old enough to sit still. I watched “The Exorcist” when it came out on video when I was 5. While I love to read, movies are originally what set my horror preference at a young age. And, yes, her tactic worked. Although, I didn’t watch it again until I was an adult and allowed my own children to watch with me. Bad idea, and I have to wonder; was my mother insane? haha Typically, I will watch a movie first, then read the book. I find it helps me to “connect w/characters” easier)
    5. Danse Macabre (There’s just something about reading your favorite author’s, run-down of your favorite genre, and agreeing wholeheartedly)
    6. Firestarter (The first novel I read and at the age of 9. It was my mother’s, and she had passed away a few years earlier. I knew she loved SK, knew she loved the movie, so I started reading it one day while missing her.)
    7. Cujo (also my mother’s, but I read this one at around 15 yrs old)
    8. Eyes of the Dragon (found this in some obscure book store, the kind that’s dark, dusty and creepy. Where you would expect to accidentally stumble on some spellbook or something. I was in Chicago for job training and bored to death in the evenings. So, I grabbed a cab and said “take me to a bookstore” and this is where we ended up. It doesn’t really matter where I’m at though, if it’s a SK book; I’ll buy it every time)
    9. Pet Sematary (again, my mother’s. I read this immediately after finishing “Firestarter”
    10. The Body (mostly because I was thrilled that they came out with a movie and that it stared the current “heartthrob” of my time, River Phoenix, but I had read the short many years before)
    11. Dreamcatcher
    12. Needful Things
    13. Rose Madder (It was really a toss-up/tie between the last 3, and well, you got 13! haha

  • Tomas Lopez

    I´m a Cuban Constant Reader of Sai King. I started reading his books in 1990 and I´ve read almost all of them so far, with a few exceptions like Faithful, The Secretary of Dreams, Six Scary Stories and Flight or Fright. Thanks to my friends abroad (in the US, the UK and Germany) I have had the oportunity to enjoy those great and wonderful stories because only one of his book have been published in Cuba, it was The Shining (El Resplandor) translated into Spanish.
    My top ten are:
    2-The Stand
    3-¨Salem´s Lot
    5-The Shining
    6-Different Seasons
    7-The Dark Half
    8-The Long Walk
    9-Duma Key
    10-Everything´s Eventual

  • Jeffrey Karas

    My list is only 8 deep. In no particular order

    Salem’s Lot– my intro to King
    Pet Sematary– his scariest
    The Green Mile– I cried at the end
    The Dead Zone– I’ve been told I look like Christopher Walken

    I hated The Stand. Not crazy about The Shining. I found IT boring, so never finished it. The Talisman was garbage. Most of the others I haven’t read. I loved Shawshank, The Body, and Apt Pupil from Different Seasons.

  • Lawyerman1000


    Top Ten – order probably askew. Listening to them all on audiobook so list will likely change.
    1. IT
    2. The Stand
    3. The Long Walk
    4. The Gunslinger
    5. Wizard and Glass (love young Roland and his pals)
    6. The Green Mile
    7. The Running Man
    8. The (first half of the) Dark Half – legitimately frightening
    9. Misery
    10. The Dead Zone

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