Richard Chizmar’s Latest Project: GWENDY’S BUTTON BOX co-written with Stephen King

As most of you probably know by now, Richard Chizmar hasn’t had a lot of time to write his essay for The Talisman (although he promises it is on the way!) because he’s been busy writing and then promoting his new novella, Gwendy’s Button Box, which he co-wrote with Stephen King!

If this is news to you, a great way to catch-up is to read this story in Entertainment Weekly: Stephen King made a frightening proposal with Gwendy’s Button Box: Write a story with him.


  • “when I started writing some notes it was sheer terror”
    Lol. No kidding. I can only imagine. But you can tell him there was no need. I’m halfway through it & the voice transitions are seamless. If initial (7k for King) & returned (10 for Chizmar) word counts hadn’t been noted, I wouldn’t have known it came from two authors.

  • Ernest Robin Dover

    I received my copy of Gwendy’s Button Box two days ago. I’m almost half-way through. It’s brilliant! I love it. I can hear both of your intermingled voices – what an amazing synthesis. So nice to be back in Castle Rock.

  • Happy Anniversary! It’s now a year since the last post here. Please tell me you haven’t given up. I really enjoy the essays and guest posts. And if you don’t get back to it soon, there will be 10 new King books you’ll have to read twice and post about!

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