How You Can Help Stephen King Revisited!

A lot of readers have been asking how they can help Stephen King Revisited.

Stephen King and Richard ChizmarFirst, let me say that we really appreciate all of the support the site has already received from readers, fans, and collectors of Stephen King’s work. Everyone contributing to this site is doing so because they love King’s writing as much as you do.

There are several ways you can help promote what we’re doing here:

1) Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. If you can share or retweet our posts, that’s great. If you want to post something of your own to your friends, fans, and followers and include the link, that’s awesome, too. Anything you can do to spread the word will be a huge help!

2) POST COMMENTS on the essays we post here on the site to let our writers know you’re reading them. You can always find the complete list of posts on the Stephen King Books In Chronological Order page.

3) Finally, you can follow Richard Chizmar on both Facebook and Twitter for previews of upcoming posts and other information of interest to readers and Stephen King fans, which you could then share with others if you wanted.

(I’m also on Facebook and Twitter, and although I don’t post a lot, sometimes I’ll sneak in photos from our various upcoming Stephen King projects, which you might find of interest!)

Thank you again for all of the support and love you’ve shown Stephen King Revisited. We look forward to many more years of posting about the King of Horror’s work!

— Brian


  • Penny

    Not on Facebook or Twitter but I do receive and enjoy reading the SK ‘revisits’ by all of the writers. I have read all of the SK books once and some twice. Some of them I just didn’t get into back in my 20’s which was way too long ago but I have always felt something different the second time around. Just started The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams and it feels like settling in with an old friend, thanks Stephen King.

  • Tim Heintzman

    Speaking for myself Brian, I am really enjoying the great articles and essays. I will definitely be sharing my favourite ones. I am following Richards re-read essays and never pass over anything from Bev Vincent. Great Stuff!!!

  • Thanks from me too, I love Stephen King and all of his books. I have read and am collecting all of the books and much of the art work. It is hanging in my hall way and I am so proud of it. Thanks again.

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