Richard Chizmar Reveals His Darkest Stephen King Secret!

The two Stephen King books I have NEVER read are:


The Eyes of the Dragon

How about you?  Which ones have you never read?  Post the titles below and let us know why you haven’t read them yet if you want!

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  • ~Dawn

    Finally! lol Figured for sure you had read roadwork!

  • Oh, so in order to have guessed correctly you had to have guessed both at once? I missed that little detail.

  • I can’t believe you never read EYES OF THE DRAGON – that is one of my favorites!

  • Dev

    The only one I’ve never read is Dolores Claiborne. I’ve tried a few times, but it’s defeated me so far.

  • Faithful.

    No interest in baseball.

    (Runs and takes cover.)

  • Far too many to list here but I’m looking forward to finally getting to the 5th Dark Tower book.

  • Denise

    I can finally say that I have read them all. Until Dr. had been The Shining, but I read it just before devouring Dr.

  • Quite a few, I’ve never read Carrie or seen the movie. Only read the first 4 books of the Dark tower series, and The Wind Through the Keyhole, even though I have the whole set. I don’t really care for the Dark Tower series. There’s a lot more I won’t mention, I might get to them some day??

  • MaryLou Ross

    Read them all as far as I know. My copy of EotD is tattered. Need to ask Stu is he has a mint first available for purchase!

  • I’ve never read any of The Dark Tower series. I’ve tried but I just can’t seem to get into them.

  • When I started rereading his books for this, I was convinced that I read read all of his books. Then about a quarter of the way through Firestarter I realized I had started it, but never finished it. I also haven’t gotten to Revival, yet.

  • Dave

    “Eyes of the Dragon”! Just could never get that one going. (Took me quite a while to warm up to The Dark Tower cycle too for that matter.)

  • Cliff

    Sorry, Rich! I’ve read them all!

  • Adam Hall

    I hated Roadwork when I first read it, so no surprise there. But I’m baffled that you’ve never read Eyes of the Dragon which I thought was an EXCELLENT King novel and one of the first books of his that I ever read.

    There are a handful that I’ve never read and will be reading for the first time during this Revisited journey:

    1: Firestarter: Heard a lot of good things about this book, but the book description was just one that never grabbed me. Looking forward to reading it, though.

    2. Danse Macabre: Again, not a King book that I had never heard a lot about until the last couple of years when I hear Brian Keene talking about it a lot on how it influenced people to read horror novels they had never tried reading before.

    3. Christine: No clue why I have never read this one. The plot interests me and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. Again, really looking forward to reading it!

    4. Thinner: Again, not a plot description that really interested me, but looking forward to reading it for the first time.

    5. The Tommyknockers: I have picked this book up twice to read it. Once in high school and I got about a 100 pages in and it was just boring me to tears, so I put it down. I decided to give it another go a few years ago and got a little further, but again, it wasn’t turning my gears, so I put it down. I’ve heard that it takes about 200 pages to get into it. I am determined to finish this next time around, though!

    6. The Dark Half: No reason why I haven’t read this one. Plot sounds very interesting. Much like Christine, I have no idea why I’ve never tried reading this one.

    7. Faithful: I’ve been reading this one off and on for the last couple of years. HUGE baseball fan, but I’m Royal Blue Faithful. Not so much for the Red Sox. But I remember this incredible season very fondly, and was jumping for joy when the Sox made that incredible comeback in game 4 of the ALCS against the Yankees because I’ve been a lifelong Yankee hater. The book I’m sure gets really great around post season time, but I’m still getting through the late Spring parts of the season. I read it when the mood strikes me. Usually around when baseball season starts.

    8. The Plant: The main reason I haven’t read this is because King never finished it. Didn’t want to start it and then like it and never be able to find out what happened next. Haven’t heard a lot of great things about it anyway.

    That’s it! I’ve read everything else that Mr. King has written.

    • Dave

      Yikes! You’ve missed such gold. (I actually envy anyone who can read a new King for the first time.) I forgot about “Faithful”. I too have no interest in baseball, and even less interest in co-written books. I found “Talisman” weak, which I lay at the feet of Straub; “Black House” was MUCH more King-y. (I’ve felt that “Rose Madder” has the fingerprints of someone-other-than-King all over it, and far less talented,)

    • Tina

      Hate to say this but don’t bother with Tommyknockers. I have read the book cover to cover and felt it was a waste of my precious reading time. I love Stephen King but even he agrees that this is his worst.

  • Sara B Witkin

    What?! The Eyes of the Dragon is great! I’ve also never read Faithful for the same reason as Lou ^. Not interested in sports. I did however read Blockade Billy, which I loved. 🙂

  • I’ve read Regulators about half way through and the accompanying book Desperation only about 25 pages. I just could not get into them. Despite the fact that they credited Stephen King on the cover as the author, it wasn’t his work and I still haven’t finished them. Eyes of the Dragon, I read it all but was puzzled all the way through it. It was only recently that I found out why he wrote it and it made me appreciate it more.

  • Jean Hewitt

    Have not read Revival yet. On my winter reading list.

  • MsCharlie

    My Pretty Pony… can’t bring myself to rip off that confounded plastic wrap. That is the only reason I have not read this story. No others have escaped my perusal =D

  • I had never read roadwork either. I just finished it on my journey through reading them in order (not that thrilled with it to be honest). I have read Eyes though, it’s a cool little book. There aren’t many I haven’t read, there are a few I started and couldn’t finish though.

  • Natalie

    I never read Faithful. I don’t like baseball either. (So it’s cool Lou)

  • Vicki Liebowitz

    I have never read Danse Macabre or On Writing. Probably because I was always afraid that they would take the enjoyment out of the rest of his books. I have read Tommyknockers, but I never liked it much.
    I also have not read most of his screenplays. When I read, I read every word, including stage directions, etc., & it gets very hard to stay focused on the actions. I did read Storm of the Century when I got to it, but it’s the only one.

  • Natalie

    I am surprised at your choices. I loved Roadwork and The Eyes of the Dragon. There are books that I refuse to read again The Tommyknockers (worst King book ever) and Pet Semetery (since I have children I can’t bring myself to go near that book or the movie.)

  • Dorothy Lewis

    Loved Eyes of the Dragon! Will probably not read Faithful – not into baseball (also Blockade Billy). Also not into hard crime – Joyland and Colorado Kid. Tried to read Black house but couldn’t quite get into it (loved Talisman, so may give it another try sometime). Also couldn’t get into Lisey’s Story. Again I might try again sometime…

  • “Rose Red” and “Duma Key”

  • Dave M

    I’ve read them all, some of them over 20 times by now.

    I struggled through Faithful, knowing very little about baseball. Having bought it for $1, I didn’t mind.

    The Tommyknockers was, I believe, a book King said he wrote while mostly out of his mind on coke, so no surprise that it can be a struggle.

    I’m currently following along with Rich’s reread schedule, and skipping ahead when I feel like it. Right now I’m almost done with Eyes of the Dragon, which I bought back in 1987, but haven’t read in a long time.

  • Phil Mahoney

    I’m on a quest right now to finish reading all of King’s books. I realized recently that I was really close, so I figured I would make a final push and read the rest. Here’s what I’ve got left:

    The Long Walk
    The Dead Zone (reading this now and loving it!)
    Danse Macabre
    The Running Man
    Apt Pupil
    Pet Sematary
    Lisey’s Story
    Duma Key
    Blockade Billy
    A handful of stories in Nightmares & Dreamscapes
    All but two of the stories in Just After Sunset
    A few digital stories such as Mile 81, etc
    And of course Finders Keepers & The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. 🙂

  • Bob Ireland (CRinVA)

    Read them all most more than once. I had troubel with Dolores Claiborne but then listened on audio and loved it. I struggled through the Novella My Pretty Pony. Only read Eyes of the Dragon once but really loved it. I was not too fond of Roadwork – the only Bachman Book I can say that about.

  • I stopped reading King with The Dark Half and picked him up again with Bag of Bones and put him down again…..


  • Randy Brower

    Read them … loved them all … Even though some are better than others, the worst King is STILL better than a lot of the dreck that’s out there.

  • Nancy Renz

    Regulators, Desperation, It and The Stand… top favorites.

  • Joanie S

    I’ve not read On Writing or Faithful. Really just no interest in either. Tried to get into the graphic novels, but couldn’t. Otherwise I have read them all I think. I loved Eyes of the Dragon, but then I thought the whole Dark Tower Series was the bomb. To me Eyes of the Dragon was like a prequel to the Dark Tower. Road work was good, but not a favorite.

  • amazingly some of his earliest books i haven’t read: “carrie”, “cujo”, and “christine”. will have to read those at some point.

  • so no one won??

    I guessed Roadwork….but not the other

  • Jeanne Harris

    I am a CONSTANT READER & SKL to the bone. The only ones I haven’t read are those he either hasn’t written or hasn’t published. I’m so astounded there are so many who haven’t stayed the course. That may sound strange but I just can’t wrap my brain around it…. because of all that they’ve missed out on. Now that I’ve read all SK, I also read all Joe Hill (fav is Horns because of the awesome plot reversal & I didn’t know he was SK’s son til long after I loved it). I could talk 24/7 about Stephen King books. I’ve obviously read & enjoyed all of the “Richard Bachman” books and I especially love The DT series & how a lot of the books intertwine in a “flow chart” kind of way. Each SK (& co) book is precious to me for different reasons. I soak them up! I sure don’t want to outlive him. I’m no Annie Wilkes but I’m among his #1 fans, those that he’ll never know exist, but who he will recognize and thank in every book in some way. God bless the man, the writer, husband, father, brother (& bit part actor, etc.) and long may he reign.

  • Lisa Joy

    I am blown away that Eyes Of The Dragon was one of them! Such a critical connection to his other books in my opinion. Might be also that it’s one of my favorites do to the time frame. Also a love of mine.
    Roadwork on the other hand is one that I also have not read. Just couldn’t get into it.

  • I haven’t read the last dark tower one yet, only because I want to reread the prior one first

  • Tryng to get back into the SK reading game. Been neglecting him for a while, for some strange reasons. Need to get my groove back.

  • Jim Bocchinfuso

    Roadwork surprises me since I assumed that you had a copy of The Bachman Books anthology and that (like so many of us) reading through those four books was your introduction to Bachman as SK.

    Eyes of the Dragon, however, amazes me since it is a Flagg book and that alone would be enough for me to dive right in (especially during the great lull between DTIV and DTV) — though is it also an awesome story on its own merits as a Dark Fable. In fact, I read EofD aloud to my children many years ago and they enjoyed it. (I also read them — among other things — Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always and Dean Koontz’s Oddkins at a fairly young age. And they have all grown up to be very well-adjusted adults, all with a voracious appetite for great fantasy fiction.)

  • Faithful that ⬆️ Was supposed bro say

  • I’m fairly new in the world of King, started reading his works cronologicaly at few years ago and I will still have the pleasure of reading everything released after Under the Dome for the first time:-)

  • Faithful and there may be a couple of short stories I have missed along the way.

  • Karen

    It’s really more of his recent works that I have yet to delve into. Just finished Dr Sleep, which I enjoyed, just started revival. I have read about half of The Dome just got side-tracked was enjoying the book. Danse Macabre I have and started to read years ago and either lost interest or something shiner caught my eye. I am very guilty of having several books going at once. I have read On Writing and quite enjoyed it even though I am not a aspiring writer.
    A few of my fave’s: Dark Tower Series, The Long Walk, Insomnia, Tommyknockers, Apt Pupil. I am sure there are more than that that I have read at least 3 times (Insomnia probably 5x) and lets not forget IT and the Green Mile. Many will come to me in time but I have been reading King novels since I was a teenager so that is a long span of time.

    He is truly my #1 person I would love to meet. Such talent to bring so many stories to life for me. I have been blessed to enjoy all his work for so many years.
    God Bless

  • Mark Dauck

    Danse Macabre and Bones

  • John Fahey

    I have read them all except for the nonfiction, Danse Macabre, On Writing and Faithful (although I own a copy of each). I loved Roadwork but it was one of my first Stephen King novels so it holds a special place in my collection.

  • Steve Thompson

    I’ ve read everything up to 2011..everything after that I have but haven’t read them yet… I really need to buckle down and read them..

  • D'Anne

    On Writing and Faithful, even though I own them. Because it’s hard to get into the nonfiction stuff. I have read each and everyone of the fictions however; and I knew that with Tommy Knockers and Dreamcatcher, he was off his game. In fact, I think I may have even put down Dreamcatcher in the last chapter, because I just didn’t care anymore by the time I got there. Of the fictions, I have read them all at least once; many twice, several three times, and The Stand four times. Including the unabridged version twice. I usually get a book and read it through the first Saturday after I buy it. Been reading Stephen King since 1977.

  • A Constant Reader Named Brendan

    I’ve never read the published teleplay of “Storm of the Century,” otherwise I think I’ve read them all. Unless that one he published online in 2000 about that carnivorous plant counts — I didn’t have the internet at the time that was going on.

  • Wim Van Overmeire

    I haven’t read
    – the original version of The Stand yet (i have read the extended version already, several times even)
    – Creepshow (I don’t know how it escaped my attention but before this comic was mentioned on the list of books Richard’s revisiting I didn’t know there was a comic book to go along with the movie)
    – Storm of the Century

    I only recently read Faithful. I’ll read it again but before I do that I’ll have to find some site where the rules of baseball are explained cause sometimes I didn’t really understand what was going on.

  • I haven’t read ROADWORK, RUNNING MAN, or ROSE MADDER .I started ROSE MADDER, just having a hard time getting into it. And for some reason I haven’t gotten around to EYES OF THE DRAGON.

  • Wanda Maynard

    Just to name a few:

  • Faithful is the only one I’ve not read – yet. Been reading King since Carrie was published in ’74…lifelong fan!

  • Faithful, and Blockade Billy – mainly because I’ve had trouble getting copies for a reasonable price down here in Australia.

    They’re on my list.

  • Ron Breznay

    I still haven’t gotten to The Running Man, the complete edition of The Stand, or Faithful. There’s no particular reason; I just haven’t gotten around to them yet. I also haven’t ready Everything’s Eventual, though I have read all the stories in their original appearances.

  • Roy

    I have read all, at least I think I have read them all. Except Faithful, I tried but am to much of a New York Yankee fan to be able to finish it. Maybe someday!

  • Actually I have read all of the fiction and even Danse Macabre and On Writing. What can I say, I am addicted to the storytelling.

  • Steve

    It took me one year and two weeks to read “It”. I read the first half of the book in about a week. I was still struggling to get into it. So, I marked my page and put it down and read somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 other books. Almost a year to the day later, I picked “It” back up. “It” had been sitting on my nightstand the entire time, staring at me, accusing me of being a quitter and mocking me for failing to finish the read. Much to my dismay and pleasure, the point where I had stopped was the exact point where the story grabbed me and would not let me go. If I had only read a few more pages a year earlier, I would not have been able to put the book down again. I have never been so excited to fly through a book that I was dreading to finish.

    • I love the “mocking me” comment that’s kind of what Revival is doing to me.. In my defense I am staying in the family, i’m reading Joe Hills NOS4A2 right now..
      It amazes me anytime I hear someone talk about not reading It, or not liking it very much I love it!!
      I have a weird pattern for reading.. I will read a new one if available and then read either It, The Stand or The Talisman and then a new book etc.. I honestly couldn’t say how many times I’ve read those.. 😉
      If I’m not reading anything at the moment I’m usually listening to one of those 3 on my iPod..
      I hate admitting I even have a King book I haven’t read, but Revival is still sitting there mocking me!! LoL

      • Personally, I LOVED Revival. I’ve actually read it twice now already. It seems to be a very true book for King, and I think very well-written and the ending doesn’t seem to be a ‘hurried’ as sometimes his endings are.
        Give it a shot…I think you’ll agree!

  • studiorose

    About ten years ago, some friends and I participated in an “altered book” round robin, in which we chose a book from the thrift store and mailed it to each person in succession so they could add their own artistic inclusions. Our mission was to create “spell books” like the one in the movie Practical Magic. I chose to use the hardcover version of Eyes of the Dragon and incorporated the embossed dragon on the cover and the beautiful illustration inside, calling mine “Draconigena” (dragon-born). When my book came home from its long journey, it was filled with amazing artwork depicting medieval “spells” and advice to magic users, and it is a treasure like no other mainly due to its being built on a beloved King story.

  • Dave

    The Eyes of the Dragon I can take or leave. I read it once and don’t remember either really liking it or disliking it. So it must have been “just ok.” Perhaps a re-read is in order.

    However, Roadwork is one of my favorite King novels. I know that puts me in the minority, but it’s top-tier King for me.

  • Jan R

    I haven’t read Faithful. I live in the heart of Red Sox country but I’m not a huge baseball fan.
    Didn’t read Lisey’s story. I started it twice and couldn’t get into it. A close friend later got about 25-30% in and hated. Told me it was the biggest waste of time, so the book is still sitting on my book shelf.
    I read the first 4 books of the Dark Tower and really enjoyed them. By the time I got the rest I knew I’d have to start all over from the beginning so I haven’t read those either.
    I must say I many of his books I’ve read over and over. The Stand I’ve read at least 5 times. The Regulators was another huge favorite I’ve read 3 times. Danse Macabre 3 times, (phenomenal book!!) Insomnia twice, Needful Things 3 times and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon twice

  • Matthew

    I have never read the original edition of The Stand, only the Complete and Uncut. I have never read Secret Windows, Secretary of Dreams Volume I, or most of his new stuff (The Wind Through the Keyhole, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, Dr. Sleep, Joyland, Mr. Mercedes, Revival). I own all but the first two, and just recently crossed Creepshow and Nightmares in the Sky from my reading list.

  • beambounder19

    I love “Roadwork”, especially the whole party scene withe the “product 9 synthetic mescaline*. Eyes of The Dragon, is pretty unnerving for a novel written as a children’s story, It seems to be a framework for the developing Dark Tower Novels published after it.

  • Linda Thompson-Mills

    Wow! I just love SK and all the wonderful Constant Readers. I cannot think of a King book I haven’t read, although I enjoyed some more than others, of course. I must say I am surprised so many commenters aren’t interested in reading On Writing. I loved it! He uses his own life story to talk about how to write, which is such a part of reading that it all seems connected to me. Anyway, I am delighted to be a part of this awesome group! Read on!

  • Those are interesting omissions. Roadwork was not one of my favorites but I read Eyes of the Dragon when I was a teenager and loved it. It would make a great movie – especially with the current “medieval-friendly” trends in popular culture. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on it.

    The ones I haven’t read yet are mostly the recent releases due to me just not being able to fit them into to my reading schedule yet: The Colorado Kid, Mr. Mercedes & Revival. I’m all caught up once I get to those.

  • david

    Roadwork is probably the only King novel I have not read, other than Revival. I will read Revival soon. I would probably like Roadwork, or at least find myself compelled to continue reading, as King is such a good storyteller, even in stories like The Long Walk, which I would not have read if it were not a King story. My preferences lean strongly toward the science fiction/fantasy/supernatural genres, so naturally I read Eyes of the Dragon. Not King’s greatest work, but an essential part of the King universe. Definitely give it a read–you won’t regret it. It’s not The Stand–but you’ll probably feel like your understanding of The Stand is richer for having read Eyes.

  • D'Anne

    Agreed, David – that’s where we first find Flagg.

    Due to this very interesting thread, I have actually begun reading Faithful. Just so I have covered all of them. To tell you what a great story teller King is (and his friend O’Nan is no schmuck either!), I have actually gotten quite caught up in it. BALCO BOYS!!!!!

  • Mary

    Sorry, but I am the Nerd who has read each and every one……the Stand 3 times over the years!

    • No need to be sorry about that Nerdy Mary! I’ve read the Stand twice and also the Dark Tower series… Going to have to give Salem’s Lot a re-read before too long. 🙂 Ha. D’Anne, Faithful was a great experiment – it’s amazing that they chose THE SEASON as the one to do a book on. It’s funny, they had to rewrite the Farrelly Brothers movie, Fever Pitch (with the King cameo) b/c the script was written in anticipation of the Sox losing again.

      • D'Anne

        Ha! Yes, MM, my husband understands my general Stephen King addiction, so it did not surprise him that I bought the book, just to add it to my collection. But he is thoroughly amazed that I am so deeply involved in it now (we are just out of the All Star break and things look quite bleak), that I can’t wait to get done with dinner at night so I can sit down with it again. My father was an avid baseball fan (go Rangers, Nolan Ryan will go to heaven and sit at the right hand of God, according to him); I grew up on the local softball fields, keeping score in the tournaments. I actually knew before I opened the book what K meant, what 6-4-3 DP means, bloopers and liners, all that fun stuff. Brings back some memories.

  • D'Anne

    Richard – thanks to this thread – I started Faithful last week, became thoroughly engrossed in it as a great story, shed a few tears because it reminded me so much of my father’s fanatic love of baseball, saw a few players’ names in it that I recognized even now, realized how much I still remembered about the sport, and finished it this morning while my McAfee was running a total system scan on my laptop (good excuse to not work this morning). And now 10 years later, I know the Red Sox won the 2004 series and how they got there. I could be a Yankee Hater myself, I think . . . what a treat this turned out to be for a diehard golf fan. Thank you for causing all of us to think again about the stories we haven’t read for whatever reason.

  • I am reading them in (generally) chronological order. I am several years behind. I am about 80% done with under the dome. I have not read anything published after that (except for Joyland). Getting to it. I also have not read some other books because either they are obscure or they are non-fiction. They include:

    Stephen King goes to the Movies (will read, eventually, at least the parts that are unique to this book)
    Secret Windows (ditto)
    Faithful (have no intentions of reading it, although I own it)
    On Writing (most likely will not read it, although might skim it, own it though)
    The Plant (sticking to printed material for now)
    Six Stories (too expensive for now)

  • D'Anne

    Mike – several of the Six Stories were included in Everything’s Eventual. I would love to have a copy of Six Stories, also, but yes, very expensive for some of us. Although buying one on the secondary market is probably the only way somebody like me would ever be able to put my hands on an autographed copy of any of his books.

  • Started reading SK when husband stationed in Germany, Picked up a paperback called “The Shining” that was in 1978. Not much to do when on base and one American station that was a week behind the US. So started reading again. I was hooked on SK. After reading the paperback, went back to the 2nd hand store to look for more books from this author. Found a couple more, read them and reread them until back in the states. Then I went on hunts for his books and thought I had all of them then I see “roadwork”. I have not read that one, but I will find and read it, I even gave my Dad “The Shining” and then he was hooked and between the both of us (before he passed) we had two of all his books that we could find and/or order. I love his writing. Some books more than others, but didn’t matter if I liked them or not, it was King writing them, that was all that mattered. I will say this, there is only one book that finally scared me so bad that I had to put it down for a week or so before I could finish it “Gerald’s Game”. Not joking it really scared me.

  • I would love to win a signed copy of one of his books. Good luck to everyone.

  • I Have not read “A Good Marriage” It must have come out when I was having back surgery. I try and stay on top of all Mr. King’s books. I just found out I do not have it yet. Now I must make a trip to Barnes & Noble. I can’t wait to read his book. I wonder if Cemetery Dance had it for sell and I didn’t see it? Maybe I am loosing my mind. Oh well what else is new? I do wish I win an autographed book. But win or lose I hope everyone has a good time and hope the one who deserves it the most wins Mr. King’s book.
    Good luck to all the entries. Stay safe and happy everyone. My kindest regards, Marian Zorger

  • A Good Marriage was originally published in the collection Full Dark, No Stars. It’s a very good novella, but also very scary in that it really delves into the question of how well we actually know someone, even though we may have known or even lived with them for many years.

    Of course, I would also LOVE to win a signed copy of ANY of my favorite author’s works – been a fan since Carrie was published and have devoured everything (you can get your hands on) since then! (with a couple of exceptions mentioned earlier)

  • Sue Devers

    Faithful is the only one I haven’t read. I am just not into reading about baseball. I do own it and my Mom has read it, but I am up to date on the rest!!! 😀

  • Wayne Miller

    I have never read Misery or Delores Claiborne. The rest are in the bag (with Revival in progress). Over the last few years I have been picking off the old King novels I had not read. Those two are all that remain.

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