Stephen King Revisited Contest: Winners!

Here are the contest winners for the Stephen King Revisited launch contest! Congratulations to all of the winners! We have already emailed these readers to let them know they won.

When we list the winners, we’ll include their first name and the first three letters of their last name to hopefully prevent confusion, but remember, we’ve already emailed with them to confirm they’ve won, so if you see a name that is similar to your name, and you haven’t emailed with us about winning a prize, it’s just someone else with the same name.

Revival by Stephen King** THIS WEEK’S WINNERS ARE:

The following person won a signed 1st edition hardcover of REVIVAL by Stephen King:

Jason Mar

The following have won a $500 Cemetery Dance Gift Certificate:

Randi Mor; John Litt; Stewart Mcm; Chris Kel; Iain Hot

The following have won a complete set of the Stephen King Doubleday Years Gift Editions:

Kent Son; John Que

The following have won a FREE SIGNED LIMITED EDITION of their choice from our website:

Melissa Pow; Teri Wea; Jason But; David DeV; Adam And; Emily Pet; Joley Sin; Jason Sto

The following have won a lifetime subscription to Cemetery Dance magazine:

Michael Dou; Sandi Pau

All decisions made by Cemetery Dance Publications are final. This contest may end at any time. Winners will be posted on after they are notified and confirm they are real human beings and not bots. Rules subject to change.


  • Steve Harris

    Congrats to the winners, and enjoy!!

  • randi morf

    awesome!!!! thank you!!!!

  • Iain Hotchkies

    Thank you very much for the $500 gift certificate. Very much appreciated. If only this had happened before I ordered that double remarqued signed edition of Doctor Sleep! lol

  • Jason Stolarik

    Cemetery Dance has always gone above and beyond to give back to their fans, as have many of their signed authors/artists. I feel very fortunate to have won a limited edition. Thank you to the entire staff for such a wonderful opportunity!

    Happy holidays to you all!

    P.S. Looking forward to reading the many great stories in October Dreams 2.

  • I won the complete set of the Stephen King Doubleday Years Gift Editions ! !

    Thank you so much ! !

    Happy Holidays to everyone at Cemetery Dance!

  • Congratulations to all of you lucky winners; I know this will make many a great Holiday! Well, on the other hand, it seems I may still have a chance yet, to join a later list of winners. What an all around generous contest. I’m looking forward to my “RAGE” reread in MY “The Bachman Books” Hardcover. That paper back, as you know is VERY hard to find these days.

  • Sandra Mitsler

    What if you’re already receiving the emails from Stephen King Revisited? Am I already registered?

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