Stephen King Revisited: General Discussion & Questions

Stephen King We Never Sleep We’re posting this as a general discussion and question zone where you can give us feedback on this website and ask any questions you might have for Richard, Bev, or myself.

What have you liked about the essays? Do you have any suggestions for future posts?

You can also use the comments section here to share any other thoughts you have about the books we’ve discussed so far: Carrie, ‘Salem’s Lot, and The Shining.

One of the comments that inspired this thread was Dawn’s comment about how she had noticed the phrase “the air is rare” appearing in several different Stephen King books, so if you have any general Stephen King thoughts, comments, or questions you’d like to toss out there for discussion, this is the place to be!

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  • ~Dawn

    Thanks guys! Im curious to see if its in even more books! (what other phrases does he favor?)

    Im loving the rereadings and essays because it was something Ive been wanting to do anyhow and now I have the encouragement and a hand to hold onto. So, Thank You!

    Happy Holidays!!

  • Angie

    I’m wondering whom Mr. King would like to see cast in the recently announced “The Stand” and “It” remakes.

  • terry moonitz

    I know IT is not on the list yet, but something is driving me crazy. I’d like to ask Uncle Stevie if IT is really, really dead. Because other books make mention of Derry and if IT isn’t totally dead, then STAN an EDDIE died in vain and I can’t take that!

  • Linda T-M

    I am so out of the loop. The Stand and It remakes? As in movies or TV mini-series shows perhaps on HBO or another great station? Obviously it’s time for this constant reader to do an online search. It is still my favorite King book — as if it is possible to narrow it down to one. Ha!

    • ~Dawn

      Lisey’s Story too!

    • Matthew

      Yeah, the last I heard, the guy who wrote/directed HBOs True Crime is doing the theatrical release of IT, while they are making the Stand into four films, and are courting Matthew McConaughey to play Randall Flagg, which I’d dig quite a bit if he agreed to do it.

      • Max Hunt

        I don’t think R. Flagg ever drove a Buick!! Or did he? I forgot about “From a Buick 8”!! I agree tho, MC would make a crazy good Flagg!!

  • Linda T-M

    I forgot to mention in my last post how much I enjoy these discussions, and the whole idea of revisiting all the books. Wonderful! Also, I have received several physical books from Cemetary Dance — brilliant. Looking forward to my edition of Carrie!


    I’ve never heard King actually speak about the influences John Steinbeck has had on his writing, but it seems to be there. Has he ever addressed this?

  • Susan B

    When I did my re-reading of Stephen’s books about 10 years ago, I noticed several of the earlier books had a woman character with emerald green eyes. Just wondering if that was based on someone SK knew.

  • Diane Sanders McKenney

    I applaud what is in the works, bravo. I am your greatest fan!! The essays are very well written and have expressed my emotions while reading the novels discussed. Mr. King has been with me through good and really bad times. My friends always say “Oh, he is soooo scary.” They just have trouble getting in touch with what the story IS. I enjoy being with others who admire Mr. King and what he does!! Love ALL the comments. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all. Diane M.

  • Wayne C. Rogers

    I believe that Stephen King used the phrase, “The air is rare”, on the day the Red Sox won the World Series.

  • Stephen King I have read alot of you books and seen some of the movies that you have made about some of the Books but the one that I love the most is Christen. I loved all ur books please dont ever stop!!!! I read one chapter of ur sons book and have to say he is definitely taking after you.

  • Russ Peterson

    The phrase that I notice coming up constantly in King’s works is “Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.” Really, someone should count how many books he puts it in. My guess is many!

  • I have been a Stephen King fan for quite some time. I just finished re-reading Carrie and am now reading Revival. My favorite book is still The Stand. I have enjoyed most of his books. I haven’t had much of a chance to read the essays yet. As soon as I finish reading Revival I will be reading the next book in the list. I am glad this is being done. Thanks

  • Erna

    That is the magic of Stephen King. The repeated phase and recurring themes. When I pick up a new Stephen King book, I feel like I’m meeting up with an old friend that I haven’t seen in awhile and we pick up where we left off as if no time has passed at all. This is what I love about his work.

  • Eric Jones

    One of the things that I like most about reading a Stephen King story for the first time is that the author tends to drop little crumbs about how characters from previous stories are woven in. I used to bend down the corner of the page when I came across a reference to Cujo, or Jack Torrence, or Pennywise. I really loved some of the characters and didn’t want the story to end; all of the kids from “It” come to mind. When I read the part in “11/22/63” where Richie and Bev make a cameo, it made me remember that captivating summer in the ’80’s when I couldn’t put “It” down. I once even posted to King’s official website how it would make for a cool anthology to take some novels and have other authors write about some key characters and their fictional exploits beyond the last pages of King’s work. I even called it “ThinKing of You Constant Reader.” So “Doctor Sleep”, a good stand-alone story, was especially fun for me to read knowing the context. Heck, even Joe Hill couldn’t resist referencing “Doctor Sleep” in “NOS4A2” referring to the “True Knot” with Charlie Manxx character’s evil abilities. Hopefully, Stephen King continues to remind us of the many characters he developed so well into stories and maybe one day we can find out how Mother Abigail’s flock is doing in the post-apocalyptic world of Captain Trips.

  • Wanda Maynard

    Being a Stephen King fan for years, I love these discussions and have enjoyed reading all of the essays so far. This has given me the chance to revisit all of the Stephen King books, and bring back memories of when I read them the first time of how scary each one was. I love all of his books, but my all time favorite book has to be “Under the Dome.” That book was uniquely different and just pulled me in and held me until I finished reading it. He is such a great author.

  • I’ve been really enjoying the articles. I love how you are thinking about your impression reading them the first time and most recently. My memory is not the best, but it has caused me to think about those same times too. I think the articles are bringing one great thing to light – good books and your experiences with reading stay with you. My brother and I were having a discussion about this project and while he hasn’t read but a few of the books, characters really stick with you in King’s writing. My brother says he’ll never forget Mother Abigail thanking the Lord for the poop she had that morning. While I’ve read many books and by many authors, I must say that I can really remember characters and plots from King’s books more than any others.

  • Cathy Scola

    Just saw movie “Interstellar “. On the bookcase was the King book The Stand

  • I have truly enjoyed being able to relate to the experiences you have had with the stories and movies as an adult and especially as a child/young adult. I have never met anyone in my personal life that enjoys Stephen King books as I do. Reading the essays I realized I am not crazy because their are other people with the same experiences I had particularly growing up as a fan.

  • I have started re-reading Stephen King’s books in chronological order. (Thanks for that list) I have just started The Shining. I have realized that there are some books I haven’t read – Rage, The Long Walk, Road Work, Danse Macabre, The Running Man, Creepshow, Cycle of the Werewolf and a few newer ones. Are any of the stories I listed still available or maybe in some of his story collections? Thanks

  • Vicki Liebowitz

    I’ve been reading Stephen King’s books in order as well, but I read faster than most & I’ve just finished Dark Tower VII. And I have a question for everyone.
    In the Stand – the flu destroys most of the population & those left head for either Vegas or Boulder. All of this is in 1990.
    In Dark Tower VII – Susannah, Eddie & Jake end up in New York in 1987, but it’s the New York of the Super Flu epidemic.
    Why would he send them to the New York that is gonna be wiped out in 3 years?

    • Different worlds. The superflu doesn’t occur in all realities, as seen by the visit to Topeka after Blaine the mono.

      • Vicki Liebowitz

        Correct. But during Wizard & Glass it was determined that the world with Nozz-a-La & Takuro Spirit cars was the world of the super flu & when Susannah’s dreams she sees Eddie & Jake either holding a Nozz-a-La or wearing a T-shirt saying Nozz-a-La. So I guess my question then becomes can the “unique” products that signify a world, be in more than one world?
        And I’m really sorry if I’m being a pain.

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